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It wasn’t long before I begun collecting machines with the intention of going it alone.

In 1992 I started my pursuit of the Punch Shoe repairer of the year award and was clearly out of my depth! My history for this competition went like this,

1992 - Final twenty Then I refitted the shop, increased stock levels etc

1994 - Finalist, So I lowered my lighting and added extra lights to reduce low down shadowing, new side window signage to block out view of machine backs, tightened up on Health and Safety principles & reorganised workshop storage.

1996 - Runner-up

Between 96 & 97 I started Engraving & Watch repairs (let me down in 96) made shop front more attractive, printed bag labels price tags etc for a more professional image.

1997 - Runner-up

I was gutted that after all the effort I failed to win in 97, but onwards & upwards, I restored my old out sole stitcher (now replaced) put cupboard doors on my bench fronts, replaced shelves with cupboards. Restored a trade bike to stand outside. Got a Blake stitcher (for stitching soles on specific types footwear). Covered my benches in stainless steel for a clinical look & re-organised the shop for wheel chair access.

My slogan for the 1999, competition was “Campaigning to be the final winner of the nineteen hundreds” Finally I won!

My feet haven’t hit the ground since! This project has probably made me one of the most recognisable names in the shoe repair industry & I’m immensely proud of its achievements.

During 2007 I completely re-fitted the shop which looks great!

In October 2007 I was elected onto the CuttingEdge committee, CuttingEdge is an organisation which is involved with much of the administration side of the trade & I am very privileged to be involved with the industry at such an important level.

During 2008 as part of cutting edge I was involved with organising a charity cycling challenge ( ) which raised £20.000 for the BBC’s children in need appeal. I built the accompanying web site & helped coordinate the event whilst it was running.

 I am still a one man band, putting in 50+ hours each week I have never tired of the “trade” I simply love it.

2016 we introduced Cycle repairs servicing & accessory sales which has proved very successful we have a separate web site for this over at

lee ffrench cobb-lees lowestoft About me!

My Name is Lee Ffrench I was born in January 1969 in Lowestoft hospital and grew up here in Lowestoft spending many happy days on our lovely beach. I went to school here also and spent much of my youth on Judo mats before eventually running my own Judo club, Although I am no longer involved in the sport. I left school in 1986, and went onto a YTS scheme before getting a job in a local repairers as “the boy”.

the ad that started my career punch shoe repairer of the year 1999

My opportunity arrived in August of 1989 when by chance another repairer sold up right here in Lowestoft and

“Cobb-Lees” was born.

In just 1 week the deal was done! I had handed in my notice, sold my car cashed in my savings (I was saving for a Lotus, which I still haven’t got!) and was the proud owner of my own business! At 20 years young it took some time to get going and much help from Mum & Dad (Thanks) but gradually the business built.

During this period of time devoted to winning this national award I got married (April 1996) In 1999 our Son Ross was born and family life took over for a few years, the Punch competition stopped being run, and work life settled down. We now have 3 children Ross(1999) Simon (2003) & Carys (2006)

I have never been one to stand still for long and & in 2005 I set up a web site for the industry as I felt there was no easy way for members of the trade to communicate freely and easily with each other & the forum web site idea came to life.

just one of a handful of product endorsements I have been involved with inside cobblees lowestoft lee ffrench - engraving snape drive lowestoft

Me working

Shop front


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